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Michael I. Brown

Owner at Word of Mouth Dental Marketing

Get Quality Patients Into Your Practice Fast

Patients who schedule an appointment with you are 10X more likely to show up if you do this...

So you’re a dental practice owner and you want more quality patients but don’t have the time to obtain them yourself. You want to spend money on advertising if it means acquiring more patients more consistently but you want to be sure that your money will not be waisted. Am I right?

My name is Michael Brown. I am the CEO of Word of Mouth Dental Marketing, and I specialize in bringing dentists more patients while saving them time. I’m certified in social media and Internet Marketing. And I’ve been working in that field for between four and five years.

Problem: Your Facebook ads are becoming less effective because of this recession due to the Coronavirus. Unfortunately the experts are saying that it is likely this recession will get worse before it gets better although it’s difficult to tell what will happen in the coming months.

Solution: Pay for my Call-Center Services! Statistics say that sales increase 10X if you call the prospect within 5 minutes of when they sign up. Although getting patients to sign up for services can be difficult during these times, you can increase the amount of patients you receive on a weekly/monthly basis by allowing our trained professionals to call these leads within the first 5 minutes of their scheduling an appointment.

Now, we use Facebook Advertisements to get clients to schedule appointments. If running Facebook ads is not something your practice is currently doing, or is just not something you want to take the time to learn, no worries – for the first month of our working together, we will run these ads for you for FREE minus the cost Facebook charges to run the ad.

We have been careful to remove all risk for your practice so that you can begin to try out our services with total peace of mind. When the results start coming in, and appointments are scheduled left and right with people who end up becoming quality patients, you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to talk soon. 

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