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Do you have a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed and needs to be removed?

"Our main goal is to try and save all of your natural teeth. However, there are instances that the tooth has been so badly damaged that there is not enough healthy tooth structure remaining to support any kind of restoration. In these cases, unfortunately, the only remaining solution is to remove the tooth completely. Removal of a tooth or wisdom tooth can be stressful and discouraging. At MyDental our priority is to get you out of pain in a stress-free environment. Post extraction tooth replacement options available at your request."

Dr. Shurova, DDS
Owner of MyDental

Our Advantages


- Most insurance plans excepted
- Low monthly Payment plans
- Discounts for under insured
- Discounts for Medicare, Medicaid and HMO patients



Over 15 years of experience in implant, surgical, general & cosmetic dentistry


All procedures are performed with state of the art equipment maintained at the highest standards


25% discount for all services for military & 1st responders



- Walk ins are welcome
- Same day emergency treatment
- Weekends Available
- Free second opinions

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Our address

17521 N. Dale Mabry Hwy Lutz FL 33548

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17521 N. Dale Mabry Hwy Lutz FL 33548Contact our call center & get an appointment: 813-908-3636

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Contact our call center & get an appointment: 813-908-3636

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Expect you

Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm
Weekends By Appointment

You can Call our front desk at 813 908 3636 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Send us an email at or fill the contact form below



Serving the Greater Tampa Bay area with care founded on compassion and experience that you can trust.

  • 5 star review  I immediately felt a bond after walking through the door. I felt comfort, Trust, and just the environment. I came across My Dental on a whim. God really does work in mysterious ways??

    thumb Vannise Bradford
  • 5 star review  Im here from LA visiting my son, and I had the worst tooth pain. I knew it needed to be extracted so I called Late last night and they got me in the very next day. Dr Marina and Dr Santiago got me in and out within a 1hr! Not to mention you can tell that they are very knowledgeable and have a passion for this. Its very refreshing to see great service in times like this. THANKS AGAIN!!

    thumb Mario Allen
  • 5 star review  Great service! They turned my frown to a big prefect smile ?

    thumb A Google User
  • 5 star review  MyDental is the only dentist I trust. For 4 years I was told that the pain and migraines I was experiencing were "in my head" because my wisdom teeth "aren't developed enough to cause pain". When I went for a second opinion, I was told to consult an oral surgeon because they needed to be extracted as soon as possible. They gave me MyDental by name as a place to see, and boy did that change everything. I was very sceptical of it, I had been led in the wrong direction for so long I didn't want to jump into any big decisions, I asked TONS of questions to ensure I was in the loop of everything, and they understood that. They explained that because my wisdom teeth were impacted, one above a nerve line and two near my sinuses, I needed them extracted before they had the chance to damage them. They explained that to do that, they would need to break out pieces of my jawbone to get to the teeth, and they explained the risks involved-particularly with the one near the nerve. They also worked with me in terms of numbing, since I don't metabolize it like the normal person, it doesn't work on me. I was awake for the surgery, they prescribed a medication that didn't put me to sleep, but made me lethargic in a sense. I could hear, see, smell, and taste everything around me, I just couldn't feel it. They also allowed my boyfriend to remain in the room with me for comfort, and when I began to what I presume was me panicking, they stopped and talked me down. I say presume, because some of it is a little lagged in memory, due to medication. After all was said and done, they sent me home with instructions for medication and rinsing, telling me to call or text if I needed anything and told me to get lots of rest. Within a few hours of being home, I was worried about the surgery. I was drooling more than I ever thought possible, and it hurt to swallow. I thought something had injured my throat in the process and expressed my fears with them via text. They responded within a minute explaining to me that though the surgery had nothing to do with my throat, my entire mouth had endured "extreme trauma", and it is expected that not only my mouth, but my throat too would be sore as per the inflammation, and just sheer pain radiating. The told me to keep to my medication regime and to call if I had any other concerns. I slept for mostly the rest of that day, and that night also. The next day, I felt nothing. No pain, no swelling, no limitations. I had to keep reminding myself I couldn't eat the things I wanted to, and truthfully felt that I could. I was mortified before the surgery, I've seen the aftermath of simple tooth extractions and how terrible people have taken to it, and since mine was so much worse, I thought I'd look and feel worse, too. There were no signs of the surgery at all, though. I looked normal as ever, and felt great. It been a few months and I'm migraine and mouth-ache free. MyDental is by far the best dentist office I've been to, and I refuse to ever see another. I will be going back for my cleanings, as well as my implant installment. And, throughout all of this, I've yet to mention the prices. My surgery, which I was quoted by other surgeons $6,000+, cost me $1,300. I'm a student living on my own, they worked with me for a price that I could afford, and did a far better job than I think any other surgeon would have been capable of doing.

    thumb Zaynah Smith
  • 5 star review  I went here last week because of pain I was feeling in my mouth. I had thought it was just a cavity and thought it would be a simple fix. I was instead told it was due to a wisdom tooth and they needed to remove it. They were so kind and helpful through the whole procedure and explained everything to me! I was scared at first but once they started and went through it was a breeze! They were so patient with me and explained my medication and what to do. I didn't need to wait and I was able to do it that night when all the other dentist were closed. I went in today just to make sure everything was healing properly, get a full exam, get a deep cleaning, and to see my next steps. Dr. Shurova was so patient and helpful! I was able to set up another appointment and now I know what steps I should take next. This would count as my third visit to a dentist in my entire life and honestly I am so happy I was able to find her! She is amazing and I can't wait to see her again!

    thumb Sandra Ayala

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