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Please enjoy this custom video that we made just for you. Having a powerful marketing strategy that brings in multiple patients on a consistent basis should neither be expensive nor complicated. Let us create, run and optimize powerful ads for you on various social media platforms and Google.

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Covid-19 is effecting everybody. People don’t want to leave their houses. But what if they could understand that their oral health can actually help them in preventing various sicknesses. What if, as they should, people felt that their oral health was a necessity?

At Word of Mouth Dental Marketing, we love what we do, and we are very good at it. Google SEO and Analytics, Facebook Ads Website Optimization, Email Marketing – you name them and we use them to create powerful but simple hands-off funnels that filter quality patients directly into your practice.  While we are not experts in dentistry, we are experts in dental marketing and have an intimate knowledge of internet marketing. We partner with our clients, combining expertise for the greatest results. As you saw in the video, communication is one of our strengths and we use it to your benefit in order to create ads that work specifically for your business.

With all of the fluff out of the way, I want to be clear that we understand you can’t know whether our services work until you experience them for yourself. Because of this, we don’t charge you any money for our expertise until you get your first paying patient as a result of our services. Sure, you’ll pay the base cost for the ads since Google and Facebook don’t offer the same courtesy, but you won’t pay a dime for our expertise until you actually get results first.

Good luck finding that deal with another marketing company. 

We value your time, and we’re prepared to back that up.

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